Modern SEO Explained 2022


Modern SEO for small business owners. We explain in straightforward terms what’s involved in ranking websites high in search engines in 2022. If your a small business owner with a website or planning a website then this is a must read. Even if you don’t plan on implementing your own SEO this book will empower you with knowledge you need when you look to hire the right SEO professional.

We also provide links to industry leading courses and resources that will help you drastically improve your SEO knowledge.


We cover all the principles of SEO needed to rank a modern website. After you have read this book you will have a good understanding of SEO and what’s needed to rank a website in google and other search engines.

Some of what we cover:

Website content: Header tags, URL structure, Image optimisation and image tags, internal linking and more.

Keyword research.

Link Structure


Understanding and improving domain authority

Website Directories.

Pitfalls to Avoid


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