Website Videos For SEO

One of the most effective and affordable SEO tools is video. Video is one of the best ways to keep visitors engaged thus improving your websites bounce rate. We create fun engaging videos designed to grab and hold your visitors attention 

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Why Video Works

Video is good for SEO

One of googles biggest ranking factors is how long someone spends on your website and how active they are. If you have a lot of visitors leaving your website after a short duration without clicking links, or engaging with content its a signal to google you don’t have good content on your site and it lowers your bounce rate.

This is why video is such an effective SEO tool. Even a short 30 second video can help hold visitors on your website that little bit longer and prevent them from quickly leaving your website. When users are watching video and engaging with your content it decreases your bounce rate and signals to search engines you have good content. This helps boost your search engine rankings 

Sample Videos

Videos are designed using motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. The aim is to engage and keep people on your website so we use eye catching graphics and text to catch and hold peoples attention.